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Dred TV YouTube Channel

Dred TV is a Internet TV station where you the Viewers can email your opinions to the world, tell the government what you think, or even discuss world issues, We talk about what's in the news, and talk about anything and Everything weather it be funny or serious we love to talk about it. We also broadcast Amber Alerts.

We Are A talk TV Station That Started out as a Internet Radio Station Known as Dred Radio, Dred Radio Was Founded By William E. Wallace (Dred) in 2006 When he wanted to find a way to give his opinions on issues That upset him, and then in late 2006 he began receiving emails from people giving there opinions and it was then Dred Started doing Live Broadcast every week.

Dred Stopped Doing Live Broadcast in late 2007 and started syndicating internet radio programing, By late 2009 Dred Took Dred Radio to internet TV.

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